No doubt, it’s taken a few years to build your backyard oasis and now it’s time to move.  You’ve made the right call and contacted Kary Movers to get you to your dream home.  Although your dream home is within your grasp, creating your dream backyard is going to take some effort.  No worries.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. And if you’ve ever traveled the streets of Rome, you realize that a little planning might have helped.  We can offer you some tips on planning your backyard Oasis at your new abode without the cultural confusion of hiring ancient Romans, who couldn’t do one-tenth of the job you can do yourself.

Define The Purpose

Decide on the primary use for the space. This will help with the design and keep you focused. Typically, Canadians want an area for BBQing– and let’s face it– it’s often the centre of attraction. But maybe your preference is a reading area, or just a nice, quiet area for relaxing alone or with someone you love. If that’s the case, then a small bench tucked behind some shrubs may work well. If you want an area for outside dining and entertaining, you’ll obviously need more space. Make sure to plan for for an adequate area for a table and chairs– and the all-Canadian BBQ.

Stay connected

Even if it’s a quiet space, hidden away a bit, most people want to feel connected to their home. So, even if you’re looking for a little privacy, you’ll likely want that spot to feel like an extension of your home. You probably don’t want to overdo the privacy thing. You’re likely better off keeping your special space within view of your garden, house or patio. Make sure it isn’t so tucked away that a search party needs to be called when you’re missing at dinnertime.

Some people like to give at least a portion of their outdoor space the feel of an outside room. You may even want to go as far as having an attached gazebo or sunroom–or at least create a space where one can be added down the road. Start small and modest. There are plenty of enexpected post-move expenses and priorities to take care of.

Stay “grounded”

Part of creating a usable outdoor space begins with what you have on the ground. Chance are, grass isn’t an adequate floor for most activities in your outdoor space. There are lots of inexpensive options such as shredded bark, pea gravel or concrete blocks. An outside rug over the area is a potential and easy seasonal solution.

Strolling through a store like Home Depot or Rona can give you some great ideas, but it might be a bit overwhelming. You may also end up with some impulse purchases of items, and when you decide to take the first steps in developing your backyard space, you may discover that you really don’t need or even desire those items.

Keep it simple

Keep it simple and stress-free. Plan first. It’s just like grocery shopping. Make your list, check it twice and save yourself time when you actually do the shopping. You’ll also save yourself from making impulse purchases. And planning can be half the fun. There are great online resources such as the websites of Better Homes and Gardens and HGTV that you can use to get ideas. But before you rush out to spend your hard-earned money, make sure you share your plans with friends– especially ones who like to share how much money they save on everything they buy. Tap into that “discount network” of friends who may even have an extra bag or two of bark chips or a few cement blocks that they’d be willing to contribute to your backyard cause.

For now, put up a hammock and make your backyard comfortable enough to dream. And there’s no better place to dream up a better backyard than… in your backyard.

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