dramatic-sky-while-drivingTo everything there is a season, as the ancient saying goes. For Kary Movers, it’s always moving season. But if you have a choice, what’s the best time of year to move? Is summer a better time than winter, for example? The bottom line is each season has both unique challenges and advantages. Here are a few things to consider.

Are there seasonal moving rates?

Moving rates are primarily based on factors like the weight of items being moved, storage requirements and the distance traveled. At Kary Movers, we can not only quote a reasonable rate for larger moves, we guarantee that rate so that there are no surprises at moving time. We often hear complaints about surprise fees added at moving time from other moving companies. We don’t want to be that kind of company, ever. We take the safety of your items and our crews seriously, so if there are weather delays, your rate on your won’t be affected. Again, this applies to larger moves where we’ve put that guaranteed rate in writing.

If yours is a smaller hourly rate move, whether with Kary Movers or another company, keep in mind adverse weather can slow things down, so allow for possible extra hours in your budget. Do you still have questions about hourly versus flat guaranteed-rate moves? Just ask.

The long and short of scheduling

Winter often allows moving companies greater scheduling flexibility to accommodate your move. Also, movers are more flexible for a move around the middle of the month, since many people choose their move at the beginning or end. On the downside, however, unpredictable weather, along with late sunrises and early sunsets can make the moving workday shorter. With some moving companies, it may result in a more expensive move. A move that takes one day in the summer may take two in the winter. Again, with Kary Movers, your rate is guaranteed, so your price stays the same regardless of short winter daylight hours and unforeseen weather. But, if you’re looking to get settled quickly, it’s good to keep this in mind that winter weather and short days can slow down your move.

Does your viola wear a sweater?

Although, you may be perfectly prepared for a cold-weather move, the items you are planning to move may not be so winter-friendly. Things like musical instruments, antiques, and glass typically do better in warmer weather. Any extremes, hot or cold, can have a negative impact on sensitive items– and not just things, but pets and people, too. Check out our blogs on hot and cold weather moves for more helpful tips.

Better movers are well-prepared for extreme temperature moves and they’ll do their best to protect you more sensitive items against these extremes. However, if you choose to pack items yourself, ensure that those vulnerable items are adequately protected from the elements.

Whatever the weather, Kary Movers is ready

The perfect time to move might very well be a pleasant spring or fall day when, it seems, everyone else is moving, too. Therein lies the challenge, so it’s good to book as far as possible in advance. And remember, the best-laid plans are often affected by weather, which you’ve probably noticed, is difficult to predict in any season. A “perfect weather” move can turn to a foul-weather one fast.

At Kary Movers, we can’t guarantee the weather, but we can assure you that we’re adequately prepared for all types of moving conditions, with a goal to make your move as smooth as possible. Call us at 1-877-687-1746 or email us at info@karymovers.com. You can also make an online inquiry and request a moving quote. We look forward to helping to make your move a smooth one, whatever the weather.

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