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“Smarten up.” Maybe it was a verbal “invitation” you received (perhaps too often) from your parents. And maybe you actually heeded the final warning before you were grounded for the weekend. Now, you’re a responsible adult– and homeowner. We want to let you know you can still “smarten up” and save yourself some trouble.  And this kind of getting smart is less threatening and more practical– when it comes to making your new home safer and more convenient.  At the same time, many smart features help you to be less wasteful and save money.

See the light

Think, for example, about the lights in your hotel room on your last vacation. Remember how they automatically turned on when you enter and turned off when you left? The hotel didn’t install that feature just to be “cool.” They did it because it saves them money. You can, too.

Be a voice-commander

There are literally hundreds of smart features you can customize your home with. You don’t have to talk to your light bulbs to automate them. Your motel room lights didn’t need to hear your voice– but if you want to talk to your light bulbs at home, you can. Voice-activated technology will give you an excuse– and your light bulb will “answer” by turning on or off. You can also control everything from the music that fills a given room to your door locks in the same verbal way. Bright ideas abound.

Smart phone, smart home

One of the many voice-activated smart home systems is an extension of one technology you might already be using. If you have an Apple iPhone, iPad or Watch and using the AI virtual assistant Siri, there’s a homekit compatible addon that allows you to control a host of smart devices by telling Siri what you want to do. Teleporting to the bathroom in the middle of the night is our first choice but they tell us that’s not available– yet.

Climate change start in your home

Because this is Northern Alberta, the land of extremes, let’s give more focus on that device on the wall that gets so much attention– the thermostat. Yes, voice-activated technology can help you there, too. Think of it as generating positive climate change in your home at the sound of your voice.

At certain times of year –okay, almost every day of the year around here– getting up to change the temperature is part of our daily exercise routine. Now, you may already have a programmable thermostat with multiple settings, allowing for frequent temperature changes throughout the day or night. But when the weather outside is as unpredictable as ours, you’ve got to have an easy-override system. What if you’re not home when the outside temperature hits an extreme mark– and you’re worried about coming home to either an oven or a freezer? Voila! The power of the Internet to the rescue, allowing you to control all the settings you can control when you’re at home.

The power of video 

All houses now come with a smoke alarm system, but how you can make it more efficient by adding a smart smoke detector that allows you to be notified on your smart phone if it gets activated. You can even switch it off or silence it from a remote location. This is but one of many features that can be enhanced with wireless cameras. We can’t help but think of the Fort McMurray homeowner who posted a security camera video of his home being consumed by the tragic 2016 fire which caused the evacuation of the entire city. It was, no doubt, exceptionally difficult to watch, helplessly from a distance. But thankfully, in most situations, video surveillance allows the homeowner to take immediate preventative action when things like fire, break-ins or flooding occur.

We can congratulate ourselves. The age of the “Jetsons” and “Star Trek” has arrived. One thing those futuristic TV shows didn’t usually show was smart tech installation. That’s the hard part– and best done, if possible, before you move into your new home. The move itself is tiring enough. Avoid the added inconvenience of installing and familiarizing yourslef with smart technology while you’re still unpacking and scouring the house looking for your hoverboard.

A pre-move installation isn’t always possible– but one of the main things you can do to ease the stress and make it a smart move to a smart home– is to get in touch with Kary Movers of Edmonton.  Ready to start?  Call us at 1-877-687-1746 or email us at info@karymovers.com. You can also make an online inquiry and request a moving quote. We look forward to helping to make your move into your new home as smooth as “Beam me up, Scotty.”

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