35300566 - beautiful apartment, interior, big empty roomSo you bought a new place full of extra room to stretch. Congrats! Whether you’re moving from a cramped, rented apartment or condo, or a smaller home– you’ve now got space a-plenty. But after the down payment and all the extras involved in a home purchase, your bank account will soon be full of empty space. Or worse, “negative space.”  You’ll need to set some priorities.

To fill that extra home space you’ll need a realistic budget and some common sense. And love. Fill your home with love. It’s free. But a loveseat may set you back $1000. So, here are 5 smart tips from Kary Movers.

1) Make sure your home is really yours

Pinch yourself. Is this but a happy dream? In other words, are all the closing papers signed? Make sure there’s no chance of the deal unraveling. Only then can you start to fork out cash or swipe your credit card for things you love. With the tips of this oh-so-practical blog in mind, of course.

2) Budget!

The “B” word. Maybe there’s a friendler word for “budget.”  But let’s get right to the point, even if it’s a bit of a “hard pill.” Resist the urge to splurge on those empty spaces. There’s no need to take on more debt for the sake of a new couch, especially when you’ve just taken on a pile of it with a new mortgage. Debt is the worst kind of clutter.

Take a slow and thoughtful approach. Match you needs, wants and finances. It’s the is the no-regrets way to go. Set a financial limit. Stay within it. And consider setting aside a special savings account for your dream furniture schemes.

3) Tackle the most-used rooms first

“I can’t afford to send my kids to summer camp because I’m making payments on a dining-room set.” You might not ever say that out loud, but don’t ever let it become a reality. Set priorities.

A dining-room-set that you might only be able to show-off a couple of times a year quickly becomes a big, heavy buyer’s regret. Things like window coverings, a table-and-chair set for breakfasts and dinners are much more practical. What about that future basement rec room? Just keep your plans above ground for now.

4) Don’t be in a rush

Most purchases can wait until after you’re moved in. Even then, slow down. Your family will be living and loving in this house for many years, right? As you start out, enjoy that extra room to stretch. That’s one reason you bought this spacious dream, is it not?  Assembling your dreams is like putting together Swedish-made furniture. It takes time and patience. Oh, and money.

You’re dazzled by those dream living rooms on Pinterest and you want one now? Of course. But wait. Depending on your internet speed, you’ll soon see another one even more dazzling. Such are the enticements of cyberspace.

Slow down. Give yourself time to get a feel for your new physical living space. Enjoy your expanded lifestyle, create new living habits. Get a feel for the types of appliances, furniture and colors that will work with your newly expanded lifestyle. A little patience is better than a dining room set you’ll come to regret.

5) Invest in Basic Tools

Renting now? Get ready to take your landlord’s number out of your phone directory and replace it with your local hardware store’s number. There’ll be no landlord or property manager to call when things go wrong. So make sure you invest in a few basic tools.  And ensure you keep within a budget for those, too.

Walking up and down the aisles of Canadian Tire or Home Hardware isn’t the best way of making tool-buying decisions. You’ll be overwhelmed quickly. And you’re likely to come home with tools whose function you will have forgotten after the exhilaration of the half-price sale wears off.

Before you visit the store, make a list of basic tools are likely to use regularly.  You can buy more expensive specialty tools as you need them. Or, why not borrow or rent those tools you might only use one in a blue moon?

If you’re a current home owner, you probably won’t need to go on a tool-buying spree. But keep in mind that there may be differences in plumbing or electrical fixtures. You may also be some new landscaping requirements. All these could require some some new additions to your tool arsenal.

Kary Movers wishes you some big, happy, spacious memories in your new home.  We’d love to be a part of launching those memories. Contact us through the “Services” page of  website or just pick up the phone and call us at 780-454-2414.

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