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If you’re a typical Northern Alberta hot tub or spa owner, you’re pretty much addicted to your all-season relaxation machine. In the deep chill of January nights or July’s hottest days, it’s good to know our hots tubs are always ready and waiting to de-stress our day. Even though we don’t always use it as often as we like, it’s become like an old friend. Unfortunately, your hot tub turns into  heavy monster come moving time.

Don’t despair. At Kary Movers, heavy lifting is our specialty. Due to their size and weight– hot tubs are dangerous to move and best left to professionals. Like moving other heavy and valuable objects like pianos, knowledge and experience helps take the stress out — just like a blast of delightfully jets of water on an aching back. And we can help save your back, too. No extra charge. And incidentally, the quotes we give for moves are guaranteed. No surprises.

Get in touch with us at 1.877.687.1746 or fill out our contact form. After you’ve set your moving date with us, here are some important things you can do to prepare your hot tub for our arrival.

Step 1: Unplug the spa completely from electrical currents, gas lines, and all other connections and hookups. Wrap all of the cords up into the wooden enclosure so that there are no dangling cords that can get in the way. Make sure that the motor is properly secured in its place.

Step 2: Make sure that the hot tub is completely drained and dry, and that the drain cap is securely tightened in its place.

Step 3: Remove the cover and cover lift you might have secured to your tub. It is much easier — not to mention safer — to remove this now and reattach it later than to have it moving during transportation. Take a screwdriver and unscrew the pieces attaching the lift to the tub and set it off to the side to move separately. Gather these screws and find a safe place to put them until it comes time for you to reattach the cover later.

Step 4: Await the movers. Kary Movers has extensive experience with moving hot tubs and spas, and know the pitfalls of loading and unloading them properly into the moving truck– and, if necessary– up or down stairs. We use dollies and straps extensively when moving hot tubs. Again, we have the hot-tub and spa know-how you need to help you relax before and after your move.

A monster move doesn’t need to feel like one.  Just keep soaking up that hot tub love!

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